Buzau Metarom company is a privately owned company that was founded in 1994. From the first years of existence the company has adopted a policy of reinvesting profits.



As mentioned in chapter company, our company pays special attention to issues related to quality of manufactured products, because we work in the naval field for 14 years.



Certification: “Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures for machine building, metallurgy, and shipbuilding; General mechanics operations.”

Our products

Strip pipe supports
Strip pipe supports and round steel pipe supports represent today more than 80% of our entire production.
Most of our production (90%) goes to big shipyards, the remaining 10% going to companies in other economic sectors such us petroleum, oil, gas, machine building.
Considering that we are working for big shipyards with high quality expectations, today 100% of the products we manufacture are checked by inspectors of quality.
Our portofolio

Established in 1994, Metarom has begun with manufacturing parts and subassemblies for the machine building industry. Since 2001, when our society created the „Division of Marine Fabrications and Subassemblies” , we have positioned ourselves among the most serious manufacturers of this kind of products, so that today we are working exclusively for this industry. Moreover, we have specialized on the manufacturing of pipe supports (both steel flat and round steel) and that makes us one of the most competitive national manufacturers regarding the marine fabrications.