As mentioned on the “Company” page, our company pays special attentions to the problems regarding the quality of the products we manufacture. And that is because in the naval industry, industry that we have almost exclusively worked for in the last ten years, the quality problem is a major one. Moreover, one of our main beneficiaries, S.C. DAMEN S.A. Galati, is annually auditing our company regarding quality, environment care, employees safety, etc.

We pay particular attention to the supply of the highest quality semi-products, but also to our processes of welding, polishing, blasting, galvanizing and painting. We have in our factories the newest and most advanced measurement and control machines in order to execute with high precision the dimensional measurement, the thickness of zinc, paint layers and the thickness of the weld.


  • SR EN ISO 1708-2;
  • SR EN ISO 2560;
  • SR EN ISO 3834-1;
  • SR EN ISO 4063;
  • SR EN ISO 5173;
  • SR EN ISO 5817;
  • SR EN ISO 9606/2,3
  • SR EN ISO 9692/1,2,3;
  • SR EN ISO 10042;
  • SR EN ISO 13916;
  • SR EN ISO 14731;
  • SR EN ISO 15607;
  • SR EN ISO 15609;
  • SR EN ISO 15614;
  • SR EN ISO 17635;
  • SR EN ISO 17636.


  • Bolts: SR EN ISO 4017 (DIN 933);
  • Nut bolts: SR EN ISO 4033 (DIN 934);
  • Collars: SR EN ISO 7091 (DIN 126).

Note: The fasteners used in the marine industry are part of the 8.8 quality group or higher (when requested by the beneficiary).




  • SR EN ISO 8501;
  • SR EN ISO 8504.

Hot galvanizing:

  • SR EN ISO 1461;
  • SR EN ISO 10240;
  • SR EN ISO 10346;
  • SR EN ISO 14713.

Electrolytic galvanizing:

  • SR EN ISO 2081;
  • SR EN ISO 12329.


  • SR EN ISO 12944/3,4,5;
  • SR EN ISO 4628/2,3,4,5,6;
  • SR EN ISO 8501/1,2,3,4;
  • SR EN ISO 8502/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12;
  • SR EN ISO 8503.


  • Unalloyed steel for constructions: SR EN ISO 10025;
  • Steel for drawing and cold bending: SR EN ISO 10130;
  • Alloyed steel for cementation: SR EN ISO 10084;
  • Steel for quenching and termpering: SR EN ISO 10083/1,2;
  • Austenitic stainless steel: SR EN ISO 10088-1 (AISI 304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L).

As seen of the “Certifications” page, our company was audited by the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance and obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate and IQ Net Certificate